If there is an extra cost due to large size or delivery area will let you know very shortly!

This applies to only about 1% of our customers, typically if you have ordered one or possibly a couple of large mounts which need more than twice the packaging materials and time, and delivery as an "oversize" item.

Although we have tried there is simply no way of delivering some very large mounts without these extra packaging and delivery costs. We are very sorry if this affects you.

Extra delivery costs mainly apply to parts of the country where our carriers surcharge, or where one-off individual large mounts have to be sent at Parcelforce express rates and with extra packaging costs.

So for one-off large mounts we might have to ask you if you mind paying the extra delivery costs or carrier surcharges to some areas, and for single mount orders over certain sizes, and of course you can cancel your order at any time if the delivery charge is uneconomical for you.

What Sizes? As all orders are custom sizes, there isn't a definitive list what can or can't be sent, but as a guideline if you have ordered one or two mounts in a very large size in zone 1 you may be asked if you would mind paying towards the extra delivery costs, and in zone 2 it is fairly sure you may need to.

How Much? Usually for UK Zone 1 this is just an extra 5 plus VAT (6) for alternative carrier, or 10 plus VAT (12) for other zones and some parcelforce services (eg some highlands and islands and/or extra packaging)

We can send a paypal invoice or you can call us with a card or pay online.