What does "to fit" mean?  This is the default option for mount windows. It means we will cut the window a few millimetres smaller than the picture size you enter so that your picture does not fall through the hole! If you want an exact window size, just select "exact"

I want more than one aperture (window), or a special layout, a title window or the window in a certain position (eg. even top and sides, wider border on the bottom).  No problem, after checkout you will be asked if you want to send us further information, you can also send a picture. This is from our regular contact-form.


What's this funny little thing that pops down from the top of the page when I add items to my cart? 

Thats the "Mini-Cart" where your shopping list goes, when you are ready, you can checkout

I can't see the minicart!  Don't panic. Its not on all pages and some settings on your browser or PC might not allow it anyway. In that case simply add the items to your paypal cart as usual, and come back to the site by pressing the "back" button (arrow) in your browser.




Nothing is happens when I enter numbers in the boxes 

1.Try pressing the button that looks like this


  2. Refresh the page in your browser -  Or press F5 to refresh or 
Other Don't hesitate to email or phone if you are having any problems ordering. Contact us here


My Hovercraft is full of eels Sorry, we can't help you with the eels.