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Picture Hooks for plasterboard


Plasterboard Push-Hooks

40p each - 3 for 99p

Push-In picture hooks. Suitable for plasterboard walls. Push in with thumb!

The best product we have used for hanging pictures on plasterboard walls.

adjustable picture hook Adjustable Picture Hooks

40p each - 3 for 99p

Adjustable picture hooks. No more trial and error banging-in nails to get the picture the right height!

Original X-Hooks

High quality  picture hanging hardware. Not to be confused with cheap generic picture hooks.

<<< Picture Hooks No1 size, small. High quality with Tempered Steel pins. Suitable for cord or wire.

5 hooks in box 



X Hook - all types only 1.49 per box

add a box to your order!

Picture hooks No3 size, medium.  High quality with twin Tempered Steel pins. Suitable for cord or wire.   3 hooks in box

<<< Picture hooks No2 size, medium. Suitable for cord or wire.

High quality with Tempered Steel pins

4 hooks in box


Hardwall NYLON (not cheap plastic) >>>

Can also be used on skimmed plasterboard, hardboard doors, etc. (Not recommended for wire)

3 hard-wall hooks in box

Also see Plasterboard push hooks


Frame  Hanging and Standing Fittings, cord etc
<<<  Easyfit Hangers. Slip-On hangers. Slip over the backing board, no tools required, then hang on your picture hook. For light/medium weight small/medium size frames

Metal - black finish.

No minimum order, sold in singles 10p each.


Easy-Fit Hangers 10p each - 90p for 10
Heavy Duty Strap Hangers Supplied in pairs, with 6 x 1/2 inch (12mm) screws.

The correct way to hang heavy frames using these  is to fit suitable screws or screw-in hooks (cup hooks) into  rawlplugs in the wall, or into studwork behind plasterboard-  the strap hangers hook over the screws or hooks.

£1.50 per set including screws.

Set of zinc strap hangers - 2 heavy duty hangers, plus six 12mm screws £1.50

NOTE! Most framers will not tell you this, but cord or wire should NOT be tied onto the strap hangers as the edges will wear through it.

Standard D-Ring  Hanging Kit:

2 x D Rings, 2 screws, 1 metre of  PT20 Picture Cord The same professional fittings we use in our workshops. Nickel or Zinc Plated.

99 p per set including screws

Standard Professional D-Ring  Hanging Kit:


Heavier Duty Hanging Kit

2 x Double-D Rings, each taking twin screws for added security, 4 screws, 2 metres of PT 20 Picture Cord

The same professional fittings we use for larger pictures for our customers bespoke frames. Nickel or Zinc  Plated

1.99 per set including screws

Heavier Duty Professional  D-Ring Hanging Kit


Picture Rail Hangers. No tools required. Hangs onto your picture rail by top "hooks" and your picture cord simply hangs over the bottom part. Fits most picture rails. Can be bent to suit your picture rail.

Bronzed or gold metal finish

No minimum order, sold in singles 50p each or 2.00 for 5 (save 50p)

Picture Rail Hangers - Bronze or Gold

Qty and colour - singles or packs of 5




Stand up kits

comprises a slip-over holder and a slot in stand. Fit to your existing photo frames in seconds. Ideal for frames up to 30cm, (12" high) with moulding widths from 10mm to 35/40mm (eg. most photo frames) NOTE! May be black or gold colour - depending on stock! Usually black.


1.75 for 1 kit  - special £2.99 Pair

Stand up kits - make any frame up to 30cm tall into a stand up frame!

1.75 for 1 kit  - special deal £2.99 for 2 kits

Qty - choose 1 or a pair

*not suitable for very wide frame mouldings!


Scroll Clips

Elegant professional framers solution to securely hold stretched canvases or boards into frames as well as frame backs! Allows the picture to be changed quickly and easily without tools. (as used on our own shirt frames - these are best quality full size approx 44mm bright nickel plated: the proper job) Very useful for artists who need to change pictures around for exhibitions or DIY framing.

available in packs of 4 or 10  Note! price INCLUDES screws!

Scroll Clip Sets

1.99 for 4,   3.99 for 10 - screws are included

Qty choose 4 or 10 with screws


Frame Clips - Spring retaining clips 27mm

Easy fixing of canvases into frames This smaller clip also allows the picture to be changed quickly and easily without tools.

99p for 4 or 1.99 for 10

(includes screws)

Spring Clip Sets

Qty choose 4 or 10 with screws

all prices subject to VAT (calculated and added with P&P at checkout for you)

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