Moonshine Framing

Frame Stand-ups

A neat idea to display your pictures in frames on your desk, shelf, desk, window sill etc.

picture frame stand up back from moonshine framing        detail of picture frame stand - moonshine framing.

A patented idea - Easy to fit in seconds - turns any small frame into a stand-up frame.  Fitted in seconds.

Recommended for frames up to 30cm (12") high and with a frame moulding width up to 35 or 40 mm 1.25 to 1.5 inches thick). Not suitable for very tall or very wide frames. * Try them, if they don't work on your frame just send them back for a full refund, no hassle.

  • The small slip-over metal holder slides onto the backing boards of your photo frames.

  • The support arm simply into the holder. 

  • Supplied in a kit to make any small frame into a "stander"

  • Colours can vary depending on stock - separate pieces can be a gold (brass looking) colour or black, depending what stock we currently hold. Colours vary depending on stock and suppliers.

  • Easy to swap between pictures if required.



1.75 for 1 kit  - special deal 2.99 for 2 kits


(PlusP&P and VAT, calculated at checkout)

Each kit comprises one slip-over holder and one slot-in stand suitable for a frame up to about 30cm high.

stand up kit for photo frames - moonshine framing       

These are not very suitable for frames with very wide mouldings, or large frames. The moulding illustrated in the picture is about 25mm to give you an idea. If you have a long wide picture, you might want to use two stand-ups (we sell them singly or in packs of two)

These are the same products we sell in our high street shop for standing picture frames. A neat and tidy solution where you can simply take out the stand and also hang the pictures on the wall as normal if you move house or office.  Known as the "curl up and stand", the  curl refers to the style of the support "leg".    Most photo frames come with MDF backs around 2mm thick, or slightly thinner artbak or black-board backs, these are designed to securely fit the majority of board backs you find on off the shelf photo frames, they don't fall apart and disintegrate quickly like cardboard "strut backs".